Annie’s the name, accessible-flexible-minimalism is the game! No color palette or set of rules required. I’d love to help create a plan, be an accountability buddy, provide solutions for an existing project, create your first budget, identify your spending habits or dig deeper into the “why” of all of this. I’ll meet you where you’re at - Let’s talk (options below)!

Everyone's talking about WHY you should be a minimalist - I want to talk about HOW.


30-Day Email consulting $98

30-Day Email Consulting: 30 days of twice-weekly email consulting.

phone / Skype consulting $38

One-on-One Call Consulting:  

One 30-minute video-conference call with a week of follow-up email support.

In-Home consulting $218

In-home Consulting:

3 hours of in-home support minimizing a space and/or developing a plan to minimize spaces in your home or office.

Writing + Speaking

I love talking and writing about minimalism - TheLAMinimalist Instagram is proof. Interested in having me write or speak about how I live with less stress, less debt, less stuff to clean but more time, more money, more peace of mind?


Annie has somehow made SO little look so good. 

Gina Krotee - Memorial Counselor

Annie made me realize how much my excessive amount of stuff
was weighing me down. I feel lighter,  my house is
cleaner, and I have more space literally and figuratively. 

Tristen Gerdes - Actress, Career Coach